Bee Control

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Stinging insects are dangerous and scary creatures. The service technicians at Center Termite & Pest Control are certified and properly trained in safe and effective control techniques. We offer same day service (when needed) & competitive pricing.

Bees (honey and carpenter) – Wasps – Yellow Jackets – hornets all make their nests in your home under eaves, in trees, in attics, and in wall voids. When disturbed they can cause painful stings and many people are allergic to their venom.

The carpenter bees burrow holes in your wood and create structural damage. Honey bees can also do thousands of dollars in damage by nesting in hollow wall voids. The honey they create can cause mold damage, structural damage, and attract more bees!

Center Termite & Pest Control offers full eradication of all flying & stinging insects. We can bee proof homes and commercial structures to deter future infestations, and repair damage. We are fully licensed and bonded for all work performed.

What to do if stung:

Remove stinger as soon as possible: Scrape stinger out with fingernail, knife blade, or apply ice pack for a few minutes to relieve pain. Don’t squeeze stinger; pressure will release more venom. Wash sting area with soap and water, like any other wound. Seek medical attention if breathing is troubled, if stung and swelling occurs, or if you experience any symptoms of illness.