Earth Friendly Pest Control

It’s your World…take care of it

Protect it.

Your family, your health, your life-put them all together and you have your world. With that world come responsibilities, like the need to keep it as safe and sound as you can make it. And one way to do that is to keep your home free from pest infestations. Insects and rodents play an important role in the earth’s eco-system, but when they invade your world and become pests it is time for action.

Pest Management has evolved into a more precise science. Center Termite & Pest is on the cutting edge of this technology. Our team has created the next level of pest management: A solution based on your family and the environment.

Green Pest Management, an environmentally sensitive green approach that can provide the pest protection you want with the earth-centered properties you need to protect your world.

What is Green Pest Management?

1. Inspection

In this phase, Center Termite & Pest Control will assess your home’s risk of infestation. We will identify any existing pests and note cracks, crevices and other points of entry into your home. Our Pest Technician will develop a prevention plan that can drastically reduce your home’s susceptibility to invasion.

2. Removal of food and harborage

In an effective Pest Prevention Program, pests are first discouraged by creating an environment unsuitable for them. This means removing food and water supply sources (including leaky pipes), compost sites, general yard debris, accessible pet food, garbage and other food sources.

3. Exclusion

During the inspection process, Center Termite & Pest Control will identify specific areas of vulnerability to pest invasion and create a customized plan for controlling and eliminating any problems without introducing unnecessary chemicals and hazards. Our Pest Technicians will maintain a vigilant effort to remove or seal points of entry into your home and keep them sealed.

4. Treatment

Center Termite & Pest Control use only the finest eco-friendly, botanical and inorganic mineral based products to control a wide range of pests inside and outside of your home.

5. Monitoring

Whether you choose monthly, bi-monthly, or bi-annually, the final part of your ongoing monitoring program will be to insure that your home maintains conditions that discourage pests and to identify the presence of pests before they become full-blown infestations.