Foam Treatment

Foam TreatmentCenter Termite Control’s foam treatment offers effective, long lasting residual protection. By mixing a long-term water soluble borate solution into an exceptional foam solution, we can then inject foam into any wall voids, attics, crawl spaces, and inaccessible areas, using a high pressure injection system. Creating a barrier between termites and your most valuable asset, your home. The foam contains a surfactant that allows the chemical to slowly absorb into the wood, eliminating any active infestation as well as creating a chemical barrier against future infestations.

Foam concentrates fill in where termiticides can’t reach. Adding foam to our products, Premise or Bora Care, enhances the coverage capabilities over conventional treatment methods. The security is in knowing that blind spots within your wall voids and slab floors are thoroughly protected.The way that foam enhances our treatments is by holding the chemical concentrates in a suspended encapsulated state. It lasts for hours and breaks down leaving termiticide residue on contact with wood surfaces and/or soil instead of running off unevenly as conventional sprays often do.