Inorganic Treatments – Organic Treatments

For the chemically conscience client, we offer a wide range of organic/inorganic termite treatments.  Our line of treatments allows our customers to remain in the home while the service is being completed.  There is no need to worry about toxic exposure to pesticides.  This type of service not only allows for customers to remain in the home, but also gives them a piece of mind, by allowing our customers to supervise our licensed and trained technicians while they are completing the treatment.  The following products are the most commonly used organic/inorganic products: Bora Care, Altriset, Bora Thor, and Jecta (please see product tab for detailed information).
Center Termite Treatment

The most important part of a termite treatment is the inspection that is completed before the treatment.  Center Termite & Pest Control, Inc. prides itself on having the most well-trained, experienced licensed inspectors who will perform a thorough inspection.  The inspector will give you a full, comprehensive diagnosis of your specific infestation.

Once you schedule a free termite inspection, you can expect the inspector to inspect the entire attic, every room in the property, the exterior of the property, and the substructure.  All of these areas are prone to different types of termite infestations.  It is important not only to identify the location of the infestation but also the type of the infestation as well as the extent of the infestation.  During the inspection, the inspector will not only be looking for wood destroying organism infestations, but also damage that these infestations have caused.  Nearly every home in Southern California is infested with termites to some degree.  Once your home has been diagnosed, we can then recommend options that not only suit your homes needs but also your family’s needs.

Most of our termite inspections take approximately one hour to an hour and a half for a single family residence under 4000 square feet.  After the inspection, you will receive a handwritten estimate detailing your treatment and repair options.  A formal report complete with locations and areas that need remediation will be generated the following day and can be sent either via email, fax, or standard mail.