Pest Treatments

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Residential Services

Center Termite & Pest Control will ensure that your residence is safe-guarded against unwanted pests. We will inspect your home, advise you on the safest most effective method of treatment to rid your home of existing pests and create a custom treatment plan to prevent future infestations.

Types of Treatment

We offer the best products: Low in toxicity, low odor, low volume, organic, and or inorganic treatments.

Perimeter Treatments

A long lasting residual is key in maintaining a pest free environment. Our experienced technicians will strategically treat all areas that are none to harbor pests. Your treatment may include the following: knock down spider webs, treat crack and crevices, seal up entry points, broadcast lawn and ornamental (if specified).

Interior Treatments

Interiors will be inspected prior to application. There are no two homes alike. Your needs and concerns will be addressed to ensure a quality relationship. Once your initial service is complete we can maintain your property with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly follow up treatments. Our technicians can usually maintain a pest free environment with exterior maintenance spraying; many of our customers have the interior done once or twice a year to re-establish the barrier however we will spray your inside more often if requested.

Roaches and Other Insects

Our technicians’ will inspect your home for potential problems that could be causing your infestation such as: food left out for pests to feed on, standing water, trash or wood piles that can harbor pests or cracks and gaps that allow pests to enter your home. We will explain to you ways in controlling pests through preventative means. In addition, our specialists offer treatments that may include:

  • Crack and Crevice Pesticide Placement – This ensures the least exposure to children and pets.
  • Insect Growth Regulators – The use of natural hormones to disrupt insects’ natural growth and to kill off newly hatched insects.
  • Gel application – Which are food attractants placed in small dosages where accessible to insects.
  • Broadcast Applications – Which are usually performed to large areas of your home such as lawns and concrete surfaces for the control of fleas and oriental cockroaches.
  • Organic or Inorganic Sprays – For more sensitive accounts. Low impact on the environment.

Rodent Control

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Rodents cost billions of dollars in damages every year. They are carriers of disease, damage clothing and other personal belongings, in addition to being a nuisance. They can chew through the electrical of your home and vehicles causing power shortages.

Because the reproductive potential of a single pair of rats or mice is staggering, our control of rodent infestations relies on both reducing the rodent population with baits, traps, and sealing off all points of entry. Sanitizing treatments may be recommended for crawl spaces that are contaminated with urine and feces. Dead rodent removal and disposal is included in our services.