Meet The Family

These are the standards in which Center Termite & Pest Control strives to live by each day:

Center Termite’s Clients: We are committed to treating our customers with the upmost respect and dignity.  We ensure that our customers understand every step of their treatment from preparing for our technicians all the way to how to maintain the treatment to the fullest potential.  We haven’t done our job correctly unless we leave our client with peace of mind and knowledge that their home is protected by the best.

Center Termite’s Team: We are a team because we are working toward a common goal and shared rewards.  We understand that in order for us to complete our jobs to the fullest extent we have to understand, support, and respect each other.  Communication is key, and we recognize that in order for us to truly be successful we have to be willing and able to learn from each other.

Center Termite’s Industry: We are part of a larger community and it is our responsibility to make sure we are knowledgeable about current industry standards.  We understand that our customers depend on us to have the most technologically advanced form of treatments that are also safest to the environment. 


Mark Hernandez  –  President/CEO

Mark grew up in Downey, California where both of his parents were in the termite industry.  At a very young age, Mark spent summers on crew trucks learning the ins and outs of the termite industry.  After graduating from Downey High School, Mark studied college courses but knew that his passion was in the termite industry with an ultimate goal of taking over the family business.  In 2005 Mark accomplished his goal and with his family’s blessing, took over Center Termite & Pest Control, Inc. as CEO.

In Mark’s spare time he enjoys riding his Harley with his wife, skeet shooting with friends and family, and traveling.


Tara Hernandez  –  Office Manger

Tara grew up in Littleton, Colorado with her two sisters and parents.  Tara spent most of her time playing the piano and competing in archery competitions around the west coast.  Tara graduated Cum Lade from the University of Colorado with a degree in Communications and a minor in Law Studies.  After college, she managed the busiest Starbucks drive-through in Aurora, Colorado earning accolades from Starbucks as well as her community for community involvement.  After getting engaged to her now husband, Mark, she moved to California and started managing the office at Center Termite & Pest Control.  Tara is now a licensed Field Representative that has quickly taken an interest in the termite and pest control industry.

In Tara’s spare time she loves to read, spend time with her husband and two dogs, Diessel and Lola, and taking trips back to Colorado where her and Mark spend time with their family and friends.


Andres Garcia  –  General Manager

Andres grew up in Lynwood, California.  Andres is a natural leader and for that reason he was recently promoted to Center Termite & Pest Control’s General Manager.  Andres’ specializes in his customer service and the ability to make customers feel extremely comfortable with the treatment that is needed at their property.

In Andres’ spare time he enjoys drawing, reading, and spending time with his 7 year old boy.


Fernando Rios  –  Senior Inspector

Fernando grew up in Manzanillo, Mexico. Fernando has been in the termite industry for eleven years, the past six being with Center Termite & Pest Control.  Fernando specializes in inspecting properties and his customer service skills.  Fernando truly tries to accommodate each customer by tailoring treatments to the needs of the customer.  In Fernando’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and fundraising for communities in his hometown.


Nathan Snoeck  –  Applicator

Nathan grew up in Woodland Hills, California.  Nathan started working for Center Termite in 2009 working in the office then moved to a licensed applicator in the field.  Nathan is Center Termite’s General Pest and Rodent Control expert.  Nathan specializes in understanding pests specific behaviors and uses those behaviors in Center Termite’s favor to eradicate infestations.  Nathan is a single father of three and in his spare time he enjoys working on cars with them.


Star Gomez  –  Director of Rodent/Pest Control Services

Star grew up in Boyle Heights, California.  She has been working for Center Termite and Pest Control for two years.  Star specializes in the rodent/pest routes and has a deep understanding that each pest/rodent will have different treatment methods and she helps customers understand those treatment methods so they can optimize their treatment.  In Star’s spare time she loves to spend time with her family, read, adopt dogs, and organize her home.


Abel Vasquez – Field Representative

Abel grew up in Lakewood, California.  He has been working for Center Termite & Pest Control for the past two years.  Abel started as a crew man working on repairs and treatments and is now a licensed Field Representative.  Abel specializes in his repair skills along with his customer service.  Abel believes it is extremely important that the customer knows exactly what he is doing at each step of the treatment.  In Abel’s spare time, he likes to catch up on basketball and working on or rebuilding Honda Civics.


William Terrazas  –  Field Representative

William grew up in Downey, California.  He became a licensed Field Representative in November of 2011.  William’s specializes in drywood termites and understanding their behavior.  This knowledge allows for William to explain to customers exactly what is going on in their property behind their walls, and exactly what treatment method would work for the particular infestation.  William has been volunteering for the YMCA since 2002 and in his spare time he enjoys gamin, camping, going to concerts, and working on computers.


Kori Underhill  –  Office Administrator

Kori grew up in Littleton, Colorado and is the newest member to the Center Termite & Pest Control family.  Kori’s has learned quickly the termite and pest control industry and leads several office projects.  Kori’s technological skills have proven to be an asset to Center Termite & Pest Control.  Kori attended Cal State Fullerton on a gymnastics scholarship and in her free time she enjoys scrapbooking, watching movies, trying new sports, and working out.